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Human-Spaceflight is a new group for artists to celebrate mankind's effort to put men and women in space. Traditional and digital artworks related to real or realistic manned missions to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and deep space are welcome here.

Shuttle with Manned Booster by AlanGutierrezArt

Even if you don't make art about space exploration yourself, I welcome you to join the group and submit any pieces you find that fit the theme. Please spread the word!

Argosy-Planetfall by Drell-7

With your help...

Lunar Investigation by MacRebisz

...this group could really take off.

Shuttle Prototype by deviantmike423

(see what I did there?)
In my last journal, I asked you for your opinion about a formatting change in my story. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I decided to go with a font change + all caps. However, Wordpress does not support font change so I found an alternative option that puts the words in a courier-esque font and in a box...well, see for yourself. I think it looks pretty cool. Now's your chance to shout if it doesn't work for you before I go changing the whole thing.


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Emily Holland
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
UC Davis - Animal Science
Media: pencil, sculpture, watercolor, oils, acrylic, diorama, pen
Subjects: scifi, nature, worldbuilding, fanart

I write science fiction on the side:


Successor to the Throne by Malicious-Monkey
Successor to the Throne
Here's something a little more conceptual than my usual illustrations. The idea's been kicking around in my head for a long time. This went through several phases of trying to figure out the best composition and how to depict two women, one who is physically there and one who is not, but is not a ghost either. And, you know, people. They're hard to draw.

(And yes, it does look like a gigantic spider)


Busy, busy, busy!

The five of us spent the last two days flipping the world upside down. Okay, I’ll elaborate. Imagine this: your landlord comes knocking at your door and tells you that the gravity’s reversing and you have 32 hours of weightlessness to prepare the house. You have to nail all your furniture to the ceiling, secure loose items (pens, food packs, cords, medicine, clothes…), and inspect appliances that you couldn’t reach otherwise. That translates to two six hour spacewalks. On top of that, you still have to do all your daily stuff like tending the garden and testing the water quality. And if you’re me, you don’t even get to play around in zero-g very much because you’re strapped to a chair most of the day, orchestrating the whole operation.

We call it G-Day, and Tsering has a detailed log about it that you can read if you’d like to hear the technical side to the story. There’s no point in repeating it here. So instead, I’ll give you a fun little mystery.

At some point during our gravity-flip, a faded photo of a woman fell out of the wiring and landed on my chair. In the engine control room, of all places.

She looked about sixty. Though her short hair was dyed black, it did nothing to hide her wrinkles. She looked intense; her brow was furrowed down the middle and there was not a hint of crow’s feet around her eyes. But most of all, she looked familiar.

I sent a message to Hailey, a good friend of mine back at home. I told her what I had found, and that raw curiosity drove me to figure out who this woman was, but I couldn’t find any information in the on-board database. None of my crewmates had seen the picture before, either. So we’ll see!

- Fernanda Estrela, enginner, Odyssey III (public log)

Guess what I got. A letter from Hailey! Yes, I get letters from her often but this one’s special because this time, she was replying to one I sent way back asking about a mysterious photo (see Log 8-31-03-FE). Yes, it’s been a couple years and I never solved the mystery. Okay, I actually sort of forgot about it entirely. Can you blame me, though? A lot has happened between then and now.

Here we go…

Oh, by the way, I did some sleuthing for you and found out who the lady in the picture is. It wasn’t too difficult. She’s actually kind of famous. Have you heard of Kathleen Kearney? You probably have, but in case you haven’t, she’s the engineer who developed the Kearney-Rasmussen Drive that’s sitting right under your butt! But I’m sure you knew that already.

As you might recall, G-day had already passed, so the thruster was now hanging above my head. And yes, I was quite familiar with the work of Drs. Kearney and Rasmussen and their team. I was not satisfied just yet, however. I didn’t think I’d never seen a picture of either engineer, so why would this one look so familiar? And what in the world was a photo of her doing under the induction coil, anyway? Did one of the ship’s construction crew sneak it in? Luckily, Craig had an answer.

“It’s because we met her daughter, stupid. Don’t you remember?”

I have met a lot of daughters in my lifetime. Not very helpful, Craig.

Instead of pursuing the matter further with him, I turned to someone who would give me a more civilized answer.

“Tsering, who is Kathleen Kearney’s daughter and why should I know her?”

“Huh? Her daughter was Carellos from Ilion International. She trained us at Narrow Hills, remember?”

Oh! Okay, so that’s how a photo of Kearney wound up in our home. This wasn’t some Easter egg planted by a techie during renovation. It was just my predecessor keeping a picture of her dear old mother in her office.

And now that's got me thinking about mine…

- Fernanda Estrela, engineer, Odyseey III (public log)



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